WillBits is a purpose-built platform that securely stores your client’s estate planning documents and helps you deliver exceptional long term customer care to your clients.

 Central Register

  Central register

  • Central national digital register and repository of wills, powers of attorney and advance care directives.
  • Search for documents across all jurisdictions.
  • End the hassle and costs of digging for documents.
  • End the challenge of tracing ‘lost’ wills when a book of wills is sold to another firm or when clients move states or countries, experience family estrangement, or when the client can’t remember which notary they have their will stored with.
Highly Secure


  • Guaranteed tamper proof and indestructible record of a person’s wishes using encryption and ledger storage technologies.
  • Keep data safe, private, and secure.
  • Guaranteed immutability.
  • Integrated verification of identity and secure digital document signing.
  • Secure storage 24/7.
  • Reduce the risk of a cyber attack.
  • Control who in your law firm can see and act upon specific clients.
  • Data sovereignty for you and your client. Your data is never exposed to unauthorised parties (and never sold).
  • Permissioned access for relevant stakeholders during the lifecycle of the document: POA, geriatrician, executor, funeral director, probate, court.
Digital Signing

  Digital Signing

  • Sign documents securely and remotely within the platform to maintain identity integrity.
  • Legislation compliant.
  • Know Your Client (KYC) identify verification ensures the right person is signing.


  • Traceable record of transactions provides greater accountability for the appointed power of attorney and executor, helping to reduce the risk of financial elder abuse for your clients.
  • Help your clients preserve the integrity of their legacy and reduce the incidence of traumatic contestation of the will.
  • Greater accountability for the power of attorney and executor will reduce the incidence of cases before the Civil Affairs Tribunal and the Court.
COVID Worksafe

  COVID Worksafe

  • Convenient online access 24/7.
  • Keep your staff and clients safe from infection and fulfill your obligations to maintain COVID-19 Worksafe compliance.
  • Alleviate the operational challenges your firm and the courts have been experiencing during the pandemic.
  • Interact with courts, government agencies and important stakeholders safely and conveniently.
  Customer Care

  Customer care

  • Provide exceptional customer care experiences for your clients.
  • Stay in touch with your clients over the long term. Remind them to review their Will & POA regularly.
  • Stay front of mind when your clients require additional legal services.
  • Provide immediate access to the Powers of Attorney without having to ‘dig’ for the paper document to help shield your clients from financial elder abuse
  • Providing immediate access to the advance care directives and funeral instructions without having to ‘dig’ for the paper document helps families during their time of stress and grief.
  • Reassure your clients that no one can see the contents of the will prior to death, except the owner of the will and their lawyer.
 User Friendly

  User Friendly

  • Simple drag and drop interface.
  • Personalised customer care journeys.
  • Monitor progress of a client matter.suite of documents
  • Automated notifications.
  • Programmable reminders.
  • Easy and secure 24/7 remote access.
  • Manage stakeholders and delegated authority settings.
  • Get your work done securely and efficiently with intelligent integrations.
  • Simplified and secure processing and sharing of documents between authorised stakeholders:
    owner of the will, lawyer, courts, healthcare & financial providers, executor, and beneficiaries.
  • Seamless integrations with commonly used practice management software.
 Cost Effective

  Cost effective

  • Efficient and secure storage and processing of documents.
  • Reduced transaction costs for law firms.
  • Storage costs can be disbursed to the client.
  • Makes your day easier, saves time, and reduces hassle and operational costs.
  • Improve your customer care and connectivity with your clients to offer additional legal services over a longer period of time and deliver more value to the client.
  • Environmental sustainability with paperless systems.
  • Add value to your business and increase the profitability of the firm.

  Our technology

  • WillBits is a web-based application using trusted digital identity verification, encryption, and distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies that enable secure communications between authorised parties and integrates seamlessly with software commonly used by law firms.
  • Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. This means that encrypted data is packaged as a ‘block’ and distributed amongst a community of authorised users. Each block is linked to the previous block forming a ‘chain’. Authorised users within the community achieve consensus about new blocks and the consistency of the chain creating an immutable and verifiable record of the encrypted data recorded